Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kelli has finally done it......

The normally quiet and reserved Kelli gets tourette's syndrome nightly while using her computer. She will click on Internet Explorer and start cussing. Nothing else will be open at the time. The computer locks up. She restarts. Same thing. She clicks and finally opens. Kelli is far from a power user. Her computer is just 1 1/2  years old and feels 4 years old. The computer is a dual core 1.5 GHz 4GB machine. I have tried every trick I know to make it faster. Nothing works. I even did a complete re-install of the Operating System. No joy. Tonight Kelli stood up walked to the hallway and drop kicked her laptop. All on video thanks to my camera! CRAZY! Ok so she didn't drop kick the laptop....but she did order a Macbook! [singlepic=314,320,240,,center] I told her the pros and cons of each model. Kelli being Kelli ordered the base model. Apple is like Honda. They have a base model with a lot of  features (LX)  and a nicer model with more features (EX). The basic Macbook has everything Kelli needs and then some. The nicer model adds more power and a back-lit keyboard. I love my back-lit keyboard! Kelli could not justify the extra $300 for the nicer model. [singlepic=316,320,240,,center] Her new Macbook is almost as powerful as my Macbook Pro. She could have purchased a model identical to mine for $100 more, but it is more than she needs. The Macbook is smaller and more travel friendly than my Macbook Pro. Her Macbook should last her many years. In other news...I bought a label maker!


I couldn't pass up the deal at $8.99. Fry's was selling label tape for $20.99!!! I found the same tape on for $10.99 including shipping. Yeah. I always wanted a label maker to print out labels for stuff I might leave behind in the cockpit or airport. Things like my Zune, Camera, Headset, Cell Phone and stuff. On each label I am going to print my name, employee number and phone number. For my Cell Phone I am going to put my home phone.

So far I have Jami (my sister in law) and Kelli on Macs. Next will be my mother in law. She hasn't had a new computer in....I think 6 years! I can't imagine her buying a Macbook....but an Imac would suit her well. The Imacs are all sleek and modern with a built in 20 inch LCD screen.  The keyboard and mouse can be had totally wireless. With the wireless keyboard and mouse option there is just ONE cable coming from the computer....the power cable. Very sexy....just $1100.

If someone told me two years ago I would be a Mac fanatic I would have called them crazy. I used to hate Apple products and swore I would never own one. With that said I don't see myself abandoning my Microsoft Zune for an Ipod anytime soon. Same goes for my phone, the IPhone is just not for me.

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