Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm Dentist told me so!

Me and teeth. I hate bad teeth. I have troubled teeth.

My current dentist is very good. I have been going there for two months and can see a huge difference in my smile and teeth. I had a root canal about a month ago. The procedure took longer than normal. The dentist told me that my tooth had 3 roots (and associated canals) while most people have 1. He thought maybe it was just this one tooth.

Today I was having work done in preparation for a bridge. This involved extracting one tooth. When he extracted it he again saw three distinct canals. They were twisted about the base. Very unusual. From his knowledge less than 2% of the population has more than one root. Having three roots is even more rare. Because of the three roots I have to go to a specialist for my next root canal. Good times.

Citibank. I have 2 credit cards with them. Some time back in 2006 I opened a checking and savings account with them. The only reason I opened the accounts was to get 20,000 bonus American Airlines miles. I put $1 in each account. The accounts were free and had no minimums. The $1 sat in each account for 3 years.

Tonight we had a phone call with a recorded message that our Citibank account had been overdrawn. Kelli used a Citibank credit card to buy her computer. We thought this was the problem. She never uses the card and had already returned two phone calls today verifying that she did indeed use the card and that it was for a computer.

Kelli called the number. Nope not for her credit card, the call was for someone in the house with a Citibank checking/savings

I called the number. Part of the screening process was to enter my ATM/Debit card number. I have no idea what that is....or where it is. I haven't seen it in 3 years! After banging through the options I got an agent with a thick middle eastern accent. Eventually he told me my account went negative due to a $7.50 charge. The account was negative $6.50. Then I was hit with a $39 overdraft fee due to the $7.50 charge. I explained I never use the account and to look at the balance history over the last 3 years....$1. He then let me know that the $7.50 charge was a service fee for not meeting the balance minimums. I then asked how in the heck could a $7.50 fee (that hasn't been charged in the last 3 years) cause a $39 service fee? Yeah. He told me I would need to go online to deposit money. I couldn't go online because I forgot my password. He stated I could reset my password by entering my ATM/Debit card number. I reminded him again I don't have the damn number. Finally I said I wanted the fees removed and the accounts closed. After being on hold for 5 minutes it was done. Bleh.

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