Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Being able to see outside is important for pilots. Many years ago one had to have perfect vision to be a pilot. Since then the standards have been relaxed. I have been wearing glasses/contacts for almost 20 years. I recently visited First Eye care of Bedford for an annual eye exam. I have been using this office for a few years. Being a computer guy I know I can almost always get a better deal on contacts by buying online versus at the Doctors office. This year due to a mistake by my Doctor, the choice to buy online is going to delay the shipment of my contacts...which will mean I need a backup plan in order to be legal to fly. Most of the time my backup plan is a spare set of contacts above and beyond what I need for my trip. Now I will have to get a pair of glasses to wear.

I am one who will admit when I am wrong or make a mistake. I am also one who has no issues about letting others know when they make a mistake, especially when the mistake causes stress on me. I sent the following Fax to my Doctor this morning.

I have been using First Eye Care Bedford for the last few years to take care of my eyes. My profession as a pilot demands good vision and accurate decisions. My most recent visit to First Eye Care visit will be my last. The customer service has fallen dramatically since my visit last year. The first problem was the new Glaucoma scan for $39. I was screened by the new computer and had the results on the computer next to my chair. The only way I was told was if I paid $39. Why test me before knowing if I wanted them that way versus the old fashioned way? On my way out I advised the staff I would buy my contacts online. In past years I was ALWAYS given the rebate form by your office regardless of where I purchased my contacts. On my most recent visit I was told I could only have the rebate form if I bought them through your office. The last straw was my prescription. The doctor told me my left eye was going to be -1.75 (for the last 5+ years it has been -2.00) . On my prescription form SIGNED by the doctor it states my previous -2.00. I used this legal prescription to order contacts and was told by the company that I made a mistake which will delay my order. The mistake was made by the staff and doctor, not me. I will now have to make backup plans for the safety of my passengers and crew as I will be without contacts for longer than I planned.
I will now make a trip to Wal-Mart to buy a pair of glasses to use for the next few days. I would rather spend the $100 on something else.....but a man's gotta be able to see.

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