Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm just not that into this movie

We say He's Just Not That Into You today. Wow. I like chick flicks. One of my top movie's is a chick flick, The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindHe's Just Not That Into You tried way to hard to be an interesting movie. There were plent of stars in the movie....I love Drew Berrymore, Jennifer Connelly and Scarlett Johansson....but not in this movie. Bad. Just bad.

Kelli updated with what she has to do in order for us to produce an offspring. I'm still not with the idea of a child having a birthday in November/December. So yeah.

My brother in law is still considering moving to North Texas. I emailed him a bunch of data on wages and the hiring status of Police Departments in the area. He assumed (like many do who aren't from around here) that Dallas is the only city around here. There are many nicer and safer cities around here including good ol' Euless. Surprisingly the Euless Police Department pays more than Dallas for cops.....almost $50K the first year! Wow.

We are really digging Blue-ray movies. The detail is incredible. I also like HD-DVD's. True HD-DVD lost the battle...but the movies are just as nice as Blue-ray...and super cheap. I have been buying a few from Fry's and Amazon for $5 a piece.

Looks like we might go to Monterrey, California next week. Kelli might have to testify in Los Angeles on Thursday or Friday. She gets a "real" ticket to LA and back. She is hoping the District Attorney can fly her out on Thursday morning, that way I can fly standby on the same flight and we can have a day in Los Angeles seeing the sights. Then she will testify Thursday or Friday. After she testifies we will fly standby to San Jose, California and pick up a rental car from Alamo for literally $10 a day. We will then drive to Monterrey. Should be fun. There is a really nice aquarium Kelli wants to see there. If everything works out then on Sunday Kelli will fly back to Dallas on her "real" ticket and I will fly standby.

If everything doesn't work out....well we are still working on a backup plan.

I'm glad we are both flexible.

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