Thursday, February 5, 2009

Man Vs. Food

Kelli and I love a TV show on the Travel Channel called Man vs. Food (click here for the official website). The host travels the country eating all kinds of interesting foods. Many places have eating challenges he takes on. Kelli and I have plans on visiting many of them.

I am working on getting Presidents day weekend off. I tried last week....and was denied. I looked at the flight schedules and pilot availability for that weekend and the airline is well staffed. If I can get that weekend off Kelli and I might head up to Oregon. We have used my flight benefits to visit Sacramento and New York (where my sister in law and brother in law live respectively.) We haven't been to Oregon in a long time. I think Kelli flew up there once using my benefits. I haven't been since my brother in laws wedding.

If we do go to Oregon, we will fly into Portland. If we do fly into Portland I would like to eat lunch/dinner at Salvador Molly's. They were just featured on Man vs. Food and have the hottest fritters in the world. The challenge is to eat 5 balls of fire which consist of habanero peppers and cheese along with a habanero salsa. Afterwards I will cry in pain for an hour or so...which is about how long it takes to drive from Portland to Albany, Oregon where my in laws live.

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