Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dinner in a gas station

Kelli and I were the first to arrive last is almost always the case. We grabbed the last big table and waited for the rest of the party to arrive. Two of the group were going to be very late. Kelli and I were very hungry so I ordered an appetizer. Escargot.


This was a very tasty and well presented dish. I haven't had escargot in years and I forgot how great it is. Kelli....well she ate some bread.

For my main meal I had Chicken Scaloppini. This was very flavorful dish and the sauce was a little rich for me. I couldn't finish the whole thing.


I also enjoyed a bowl of Fishermen's Stew....pretty good overall....a bit too salty.  Kelli had a Cheeseburger and fries for dinner. Kelli likes what Kelli likes. She has a much smaller range of food that she likes compared to me. The menu was full of awesome dishes....I would have tried them all. Kelli...nah....Cheeseburger and Fries. She ordered it well done...which might have been the reason her food arrived 3 to 4 minutes after everyone else's.


For dessert we had Bread Pudding. I love Bread Pudding. It's one of my top 3 desserts to order at a nice restaurant. The Bread Pudding last night was kind of a let down. The dish seemed over done and dried out. The sauce was okay but couldn't help the dryness of the Bread.


We really enjoyed the experience overall. I didn't see a single person buy gas at the gas pumps right outside the window. I am sure we will return. It is a bit of a drive to get there though.

The people we met last night were two former co-workers and their husbands. One of them, Wendy, recently let us know she is preggo and will be having her first baby in June. We used to meet up with them once or twice a month. Before last night we had not seen them in almost 5 months. Seeing that they all live within 10 miles....there really is no excuse for such long periods of absence. We will have to work on that.

Albertson's grocery store is where I like to shop every now and then. They have really good sales and I only buy what is on sale for stuff I need/use. I have noticed that many perishable items are near expiration date when they go on sale. I have to be very careful. This morning I bought two 1/2 gallons of Schepps Dairy milk for $1 a piece....not to shabby. This is where I bought all my boxes of Captain Crunch cereal for just $1.58 a piece. I need more. That stuff is like crack.

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