Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Never stop learning

I am a sponge for knowledge....well only stuff that is interesting. I could care less about who settled in the plains of south American 2000 years ago or about Tiger Sharks (although I will look at a Tiger Shark and says "ok"). I can never read enough about the history of airplanes, cars and computers.

Sitting in Pittsburgh Saturday night I was hungry. I wanted a warm meal. My choices were get dressed and hop in the hotel van to find food or figure out how to cook a Healthy Choice Steamer without a microwave. The only tool I had in the room was a coffee maker.

The normal instructions are to add water to the pasta, cook for four minutes, cook the sauce for 4 minutes and then combine it all. I cleaned the coffee pot and then brewed hot water. I poured the right amount of water into the pasta container then dumped the remaining water. I then poured the pasta and water into the coffee pot and put it back on the hot plate to "cook" for 4 minutes. I then drained the water and put it back in the dish.

Getting the sauce warm was a bigger challenge. I tried to let it sit in a coffee pot of hot water....didn't work. I then decided to dump all the water and put the sauce and pasta into coffee pot together. After 5 minutes on the hot plate....it was ready. Nice warm meal!

Tomorrow Kelli and I are going to a new restaurant with some friends of ours. The name of the place is Chefs Point Cafe. Until right now I never looked it up. The friend that suggested it is a former work friend of mine who I assume has good taste. I just Goolged Chefs Point Cafe and the only listing coming up in the DFW Metroplex is at a Conoco Gas Station!


The slogan is "White Tablecloth Dining Without The Tablecloth". This should be interesting. The website is http://www.chefpointcafe.org/home.nxg. I should have done a little research. The menu looks interesting. We will see.

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  1. My husband and I own Chef Point Cafe. I was watching our google stats and noticed we received quite a few hits from your blogging. So I decided to check it out. I am guessing you will come by tomorrow to eat. Please introduce yourself so we can put a face to a blog!

    Paula and Franson, owners
    Chef Point Cafe