Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For the first time in a while....I gotta think

About once a year I used to wipe each computer in the house clean and reinstall the operating system. With the introduction of a Mac into the house, things changed. My desktop has been used very sparingly over the last year. Everything on it is hunky dory...no need to mess with it. My server is running just fine....leave it alone. The computer in the bedroom needs a refresh though....that's on the list. The former media center computer is only used once or twice a month as a bit torrent downloader....running fine. Kelli's laptop....ahh...that thing has no hope. All that's left is my Macbook Pro.

I have no idea how to safely backup my Macbook! I have a Time Capsule that keeps backing up constantly in the background. I have restored files from it just fine...but I have no idea after a fresh operating system install. I gotta plan this out.

My Macbook isn't really running slow. A little slower than when I bought it....but pretty quick. I know a reinstall would help things. I really love my Macbook. I have had minimal problems. If Apple made the Ipod as good as my Zune I would switch. My Zune is over a year old now. Running perfectly. I love my $14.99 a month "all you can download" plan. Perfect for me. I have found so many new artist by downloading random stuff. Ipod has no plan like it.

My sister in law Jami had a problem with her Macbook over the weekend. She called AT&T (her ISP) for help as it was an Internet problem. They couldn't help. She called me as I was driving around Salinas. Within 5 minutes I zeroed in on what the problem was. For some reason the WEP password on her router was reset to default. I walked her through deleting the stored network configuration which obviously held the wrong password. I told her to call them back and ask which series of numbers on the side of the router was the password (it's not labeled password!). She called...and tada...it worked. It's hard being so amazingly gifted.

Kelli and I are thinking Vegas next month. We wanted to go out of the country, but it's going to cost 1/2 my monthly paycheck just for the tickets (and that's at my discounted rate!). Maybe over summer or in May. Gotta plan it out.

My work schedule is making me lazy. I haven't exercised regularly in a while. Last month I worked more and was sitting around the airport less. This month I leave home at 5:20AM. I sign into work by 6AM. I then sit around the airport till 2PM and then head home. When I get home I am tired from just sitting around and don't exercise. I know I need to. I am hoping to work (well sit around) nights next month. If I get nights then I will exercise in the morning before heading to the airport at 2PM and sitting around till 10PM.

Kelli thought my toe nails were too sharp (scratching her legs I guess?) and decided to do something about it. She spent a good 10 minutes pruning them.


The baby plans are on hold for a bit. See ByrdintheOven.com for more.

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