Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For once...I am not the one in limbo

Most of the time my schedule is in limbo. Most months I only know which days I am working...rarely what times. This month I know I work 6AM-2PM 19 days of the month. I have off Thursday thru Sunday. I am hoping to go out of town with Kelli to California. When we leave...is up to Kelli. She may or may not have to testify Friday in Los Angeles. She thought she would know for sure tonight....still no word. If she doesn't have to testify then we will leave Thursday morning. If she does have to testify...then we will both arrive in San Jose, California somehow.

New site design. The image at the top will randomly change on each page load. It's the same image with 3 different photoshoped images and one normal image. Overtime there will be more and more images....maybe even color.

I will be 32 next month. Wow.

I flew with a Captain today that will have been married 30 years this summer. He is a great guy and has a sense of humor similar to mine. Each time I fly with him, about once a month or so, he let's me know how his crazy wife and kids are driving him crazy. The latest is how his wife lets his 16 year old daughters boyfriend come over often. The boyfriend is 22 years old! Being a pilot he is gone often. He commutes to DFW from San Francisco. His wife doesn't listen to him in that he doesn't want the 22 year old around. One night last week he heard his dogs barking at 8AM. He looked outside to see the boyfriend hoping his fence. Hmmm and I want a kid?

I am still holding firm to no kid of mine being born in November/December. It's just not fair. No one...and I have been asking around...born in those months likes being born in that month.  Speaking of kiddos....Kelli has actually been updating both Byrdintheoven.com and Richmo32.com.....crazy!

When I decided to be a pilot Kelli and I took on a huge debt....to the tune of $59,000. Yeah. The loan was for 15 years with a variable non-tax deductible interest rate. Payments were supposed to be $560 a month or so. So far the loan has been paid down to $39K. This is a huge feat as the interest rate has been as high as 9.5% and started the day I first started training back in May 2006. Right now the rate is 5.75%. A good chunk of the money used to pay off the loan has come from my in laws. Hopefully with me paying everything I can per month and the help it can be paid off by the end of 2010. Around that point...pending any home improvements and possible offspring....we will only have our house and my car in our debt pile. I can't imagine how other pilots are paying back the loan on their own. I pulled down a whopping $27K last year before taxes. Paying $560 a month amounts to a little less than 1/4 of the pretax income. Ouch.

For now....I wait for Kelli to hear from the Los Angeles District Attorney.

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