Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wii Fit

I am enjoying my Wii Fit. The exercises really help with the monotony of the treadmill. Being able to track my progress helps as well. On the Wii each user designs a Mi. A Mi is a cartoon of one self. Mine is a cool black guy with dreadlocks. Before I got the Wii Fit my Mi was slim....well with the Wii Fit the Mi became chubby! Each day I weigh in and it charts my weight on a graph. Thankfully I have been watching what I eat and the graph has continuously gone down. One part of the Wii Fit I don't like is the ideal weight it has for me. The Wii Fit thinks I should be 158 lbs! I was that slim in High School for a while and it was FAR from healthy looking. I will be happy in the 175-185 range. I got a lot of "junk in my trunk" which will not go down no matter how much weight I loose. I do enjoy the sit ups and pushups of the Wii Fit. Scary that I would say I like sit ups and push ups.

Gas is going down. As low as $2.08 at QuickTrip.

During my recurrent training for my job today an interesting topic came up. We were discussing CRM (Crew Resource Management). First let me say the instructor is not a pilot but a professional teacher who has taught at many airlines. Through his many years of studying CRM, stress management and workplace interactions he has found no other group of workers is more studied than pilots. Pilots have a very unique workplace. Everyday they are put under stress. The workplace of pilots is volitale...literally. Pilots fly around in a metal structure full of people, cargo and fuel. They fly through weather and traffic dealing with very tight schedules. Pilots can't often find time to slow down. If a office building catches fire...you evacuate. A pilot can do no such thing. They are flying the office building. If an accountant makes a mistake with a spreadsheet...they fix it. If a pilot makes a mistake in math..or just bad judgement while landing the result can be the end of a career. There are many, many ways for a pilot to get violated. Pilots have one of the only professions I can think of that losing a job means starting back over at 1st year pay. A pilot can literally work for 20 years with a clean slate. They have one bad day (of course a bad day for a pilot is a really bad day) and not stop in time and go off the runway. The FAA's investigation could result in the pilot losing his license. That's it...no more flying. The company can also do it's own investigation and decide to let the pilot go. Thankfully here are unions to protect a pilot in some cases...but still...can you think of another profession where one mistake could end everything?

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