Monday, November 24, 2008


I got to fly yesterday! A whole 2 hours! It's kinda scary how it happened. I was doing my normal airport standby 6AM - 2PM shift. I was sleeping soundly in a recliner when my phone rang. "First Officer Byrd, this is Lori in crew scheduling, there is a Little Rock turn I might have you do. It was supposed to leave at 7:45AM, the original First Officer did not show up. Start heading that's at gate B9A." Thankfully B9A is just down from the crew room. I gathered my stuff and headed upstairs. The time was already 7:50AM when she called. I got to the gate and used a computer to  check my schedule and then the Captain of the flight.... thankfully he is a really nice guy I flew with in July. I headed down to the gate. My eyes still sleepy. I poked my head First Officer. The Captain greeted me and let me know he has everything set up. I threw my bag in the closet and hopped in my seat. The flight attendant offered up a cup of coffee without my asking. I must have really looked tired. We were pushed out of the gate at 8:02AM...just 17 minutes earlier I was sleeping soundly. Kinda scary. I was awake...but having not flown in 3 weeks I was a little behind. The Captain took the trip up to Little Rock and I flew back. Not having flown in so long made me wonder how nice my landing would be. The stars were aligned as I made a very nice landing back in Dallas.

I bid for vacation for January and was awarded what I wanted. My mother in law is paying for all her children, grandchildren and anyone to married (and in good standing) to one of her kids to go to Disneyworld for a week in January. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to go due to my training class for my new aircraft I will be flying. Thankfully I will get back from vacation 2 days before I go to training. Nice. All we have to pay for is airfare...booze...and that's about it. She paid for everyone to stay at a Disneyworld Villa, a meal plan and transportation to and from the airport.

The flights for January are VERY empty. Vacations spots normally fill up months in advance as very few people go last minute. Every flight to Orlando is less than 1/4 full. Nutty!

Time for a beer. I have worked 48  in the last 6 days. I deserve it. Seriously!

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