Thursday, November 27, 2008

Screw lining up in the cold tomorrow morning!

Many stores have their Black Friday deals available online....and for store pickup! I wanted Samsung surround sound system that had been $230 at Circuit City....$219 at and $169.99 at Best Buy. Well in the Black Friday ad for Circuity City it's $149! I thought I would have to go stand in line for that pice. Nope. Available online and I selected store pickup. Boo yah!

Today at there is a REALLY good deal on anyone with more than 2 computers in the house or needs a way to easily backup files. Amazon has a HP   Home Server onsale for $399 all in! Free shipping. This is normally $549. I could barely build a computer of similar specs for $399. Our Windows Home Server has been humming along for month with zero issues. It backs up all the computers, is a central, easy place to store photos and allows us to get files from it while we are on the road. Very simple to set up....even my wife's family could do it!

The only other thing we want for Christmas is a blue ray player...preferably a Samsung model supporting Anynet to allow super simple control from one remote. If we can find a one we will have just two remotes for our entire setup.

Thanksgiving dinner. I wasn't sure if I was going to be home today. I am on reserve right now. Thankfully (pun intended) I was able to select a "reserve availbility period or RAP" today which means I have a two hour call out to go to work. My RAP began at 4AM today and goes until 6PM. Legally I can't work more than a 14 hour duty period unless weather or mechanical delays then I can work 16 hours. I have already "worked" 4 1/2 hours today. Because I have a two hour call out the latest they can really call me is 2PM to get to the airport by 4PM. Even then the flight has to be incredibly short to be done for sure by 6PM. Realistically if they don't call me by noon I am scott free.

Back to Thankgiving dinner. In years past we always used Boston Market. This year it's just the two of us. The smallest meal at Boston Market was still huge...enough for 6 people. The price was more than $70...which is just too much to spend. We instead bought 3 side items at Boston market (corn bread, mashed potatoes and stuffing) for $25, 5 items at Albertsons (roasted pepper and golden corn, thai green beans, mashed sweet potatoes, rolls and a small cheesecake) for $33 and 3 items from Tom Thumb (small frozen uncooked turkey breast, small uncooked ham and a bag of mini-marshmallows) for $27. Do the math....we should have bought the Boston market meal...even the slightly larger one. Of course this was we will have much less waste. Next year though we decided we will order a Boston Market meal regardless of where I will be. Why? Well we can always have Thanksgiving earlier or later than Thanksgiving day. I did put in for vacation for next Thanksgiving...who knows if I will get it. IF we decide to have a kid and IF we start trying in will be due in November. Hmmmm... yeah. IF.

Back to looking at sales! I will likely get airport standby tomorrow...hopefully tomorrow afternoon so I can still go to Fry's and stand in line for deals.

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