Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Darren and Kelli go to Hard 8 BBQ

I've had this video sitting on a hard drive for over a year. I would start to edit it...then stop. With IMovie (once again Mac computers are sooo much easier to use than PC's!) I gave it another whirl. After about 20 minutes I was finally happy with the product. There is a term in avaiation called "The $100 Hamburger." The gist of it is flying is expensive. Flying just to eat a meal is even more expensive (as driving there is way cheaper!). There are many airport resturants that get a good chunk of business from people flying in...eating...and flying out. In Stephenville, TX there is Hard 8 BBQ ( I have been there over 20 times over the last 2 years. The airport is about 63 miles away from the Arlington, TX airport I was based at. Any flight over 50 miles is a "cross country" flight when viewed by the FAA. A pilot needs so many hours of cross country flight for various ratings....thus it was a common destination for me and many others at my airport. So here it is....a video of Kelli and me flying to Stephenville for some $100 BBQ.


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