Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Clear instructions my ass

I finished assembling our new entertainment cabinet. The box said clear instructions along with quick and easy assembly. Lies! First there were not instructions in the box. I emailed the company and explained we had no instructions.I left my mailing address thinking they would mail me a set. Instead I got an email with just the instructions. No apology. Nothing. Just the instructions. Nice. South Shore furniture collection instructions are confusing! The piece we bought is part of an optional two piece set. At first I thought I had the wrong set. I then scrolled down and saw a drawing that looked like what we bought.

I printed out the parts listing and made an inventory. The number of screws, nails and hardware I had was about half of what was listed. I was thinking they shorted me. Instead of getting mad I just started building the unit. As it turned out the entire instruction set is written and constructed for both the base which we have and the optional hutch (which we don't). This is why the parts inventory was off.

The whole "quick and easy" assembly is a lie. I am an able bodied 31 year old male. Some of the instructions were flat out confusing. Every screw needed super human force to get all the way in. Eventually I to resort to my drill with a phillips attachment to get some screws in.

After it was all assembled the unit looks nice. This is a slightly above average piece of particle board furniture with a nice laminate. I kind of regret buying it online as it would be cost prohibitive to return. If I bought it at Wal-Mart I could have slid it into the back of my Multi-Activity Vehicle (shut up Lacy!) and taken it back.

To sum it up. Don't buy South Shore furniture....bad support, horrible instructions and slightly higher priced than it should be furniture.

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