Thursday, November 13, 2008

The camera mystery has been solved!

So the camera has been located. It was right where I left it....on the washing the garage. The last time I used the camera was right after I polished Kelli's headlights. Get your mind out of the gudder. The headlights on the Prius were yellowing. I am sure you have seen older cars with yellow'd over headlights. I bought a polish to get rid of the yellowing. I took photos to show the results. I then put the camera on the washing machine...and left it.

Tomorrow Kelli and I are going to Sacramento to visit Jami (my sister in law), Haley (my niece) and Peggy (my mother in law). I really wanted a camera to take photos. Fearing having no camera I bought one on Amazon. I simply bought the newer version of the camera we already have. It arrived today. Before I opened it I gave one more look around to find the old one. That's when I decided give one more hard look.

We might keep it and use it only for vacation/trips and I will keep the old one when I go to work. I will ponder it. For now mystery solved. Kelli had nothing to do with this one.

The top photo is the before...the bottom is the after. Hard to tell in the photos...but the difference by the eye is noticeable.

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