Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New XBOX 360 update...time to go for Gold

The much awaited update for the XBOX 360 came down tonight. I have been looking forward to this. One of the big reasons is that Netflix is now available on the 360.

Right now with our Netflix subscription we can order DVD's through the mail AND watch movies online (free!)...via a computer. This works for me on the road. At home we don't watch movies on the laptop as it's not very convienient. With the new 360 update, Netflix is integrated into the 360 itself. We can now start 1000's of movies...whenever we want. There is no HD content yet, but being able to browse and start a movie whenever we want will be great! The only problem? You have to be an XBOX live Gold member. Booo. I ordered a 12 month card (+ a 1 month bonus) from Amazon for $39...normally $49. The card should arrive Monday.

Speaking of the 360. The new HD-DVD player makes regular DVD's a little better by upconverting them to 1080P (from 480P). This is only done when the HD VGA cable is used (which I also bought on Amazon). I think with this new 360 update the XBOX 360 will be even closer to being the center of entertainment in living rooms across the United States. Seriously.

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