Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Box of photos

I got bored while Kelli was exercising and went to my office closet and pulled out the only box in there. Ok that's a lie...I pulled out the only box I could get out without causing an avalanche. The box contained may photos from my college years and before. I found the best photo showing my previous hairstyle and scanned it in. Scanners...I remember when they first got "cheap" at $150. The interface was horrible. The scanned images were just barely decent...but it worked. I still have a scanner (obviously) that I use a few times a year (like tonight). The first photo is a fraternity portrait while the second one is a homecoming photo (wallet size so a little more fuzzy blown up!) from high school from 1994.

I went to homecoming with my best friend of going on 16 years Katrina. I was really skinny in High School...I think my low point was 150 pounds at 5'10.

I do have several photos that suffered water damage at some point over the years and are stuck together. Anyone know of a safe way to separate them?? I also have a bunch of slides....might need to ask Santa for a slide scanner....and a negative scanner....prolly a combo unit.

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