Saturday, November 1, 2008


Vegas was nice. We flew in Tuesday night. The flight was very empty. We enjoyed our first class seats and meal. With the softening economy planes, are getting more and more spacious (people aren't flying). To save money we rented from Dollar rent a car. The rate of $9 a day was way lower than our normal rent a car company, Alamo/National, at $25 a day. The price though showed during the check in. There were no computer terminals for customers to use. Instead we waited in line for 15 minutes. I could see the Alamo/National area....ghost town. The Alamo/National kiosk were waiting for any customer. We finally got to the rental car area and after inspecting a few cars (Dollar is kinda ghetto and the condition of the cars showed) for damage we picked a nearly new Chrysler Town & Country minivan. Kelli drove for the first time ever as the rental was in her name. I normally rent the car and end up not being able to drive as I drink. Kelli rarely drinks so her driving makes sense...except I hate the way she drives. Oh the drama that ensues.

The first night we stayed at the Stratosphere. The hotel was okay. We gambled only a little bit before heading to bed. Wednesday morning we ate our free buffet breakfast and checked out. We picked up Eric and Angela ( at the airport and headed to Harrah's. Too early to check in we walked around, gambled and began drinking until we could check in. Over Wednesday and Thursday we all gambled, ate, drank and had a good time. We all enjoyed playing roulette on both the normal tables and the new rapid roulette video game. The rapid roulette uses a traditional roulette wheel but allows the players to pick numbers on a touch screen monitor. I found a machine I liked at O'Sheas called $100 or nothing. It's a dollar machine...either you win $100....or nothing. That easy. I won $100 twice and only gave up $25 in the process. As of Thursday afternoon I was down $240. By Friday morning I was only down $80. Not bad for 3 days of gambling. Kelli left without a penny to her name...but she had fun.

The flight back was just as nice as the flight there. The plane was a 767 which is the second biggest plane in American Airlines fleet. There were 30 first class seats and we scored two of them. The seats were the new lay flat type. We didn't lay all the way down,  but we both reclined and enjoyed the flight. The meal was not as tasty as the meal on the way to Vegas.

I am not sure when we will go to Vegas again...probably not until March at the earliest. As I got ready for bed last night I realized I had not slept in my own bed in 6 days...just hotel beds. Nutty.

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