Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Off Spring

So apparently 3/4 of my siblings have had kids. The first was my bother. He married into one kid and then had one with his wife. The second was my second youngest sister. She had one a few years ago......lost it to through the courts....had another....not sure where that one is. She is in prision. I was clicking around myspace this morning and see that my youngest sister had a kid about a month ago.

After my mother passed away my family kinda splintered. I only talk to my dad....and that's about it. I have my own reasons why I don't talk to my siblings. Am I right for not talking to them? I dunno. It's my choice. My personal belief is that neither sister should have had a kid. We all grew up under the same house which had a lot of babies in it for a while.

My mother started her own adoption agency in the mid 80's. She worked hard. When she first started she would sometimes bring newborns home for a few days before they were placed with the families. I still remember running down the stairs on a Saturday morning, jumping onto their bed and seeing a white baby there. The first time I was very confused. This thing looked nothing like me and it was not here the day before.

That didn't last long as she truly had a passion for what she did. She grew her agency into the second biggest agency in Texas. I had a huge shot of birth control seeing all of these women....and girls...pregnant. The youngest girl I saw pregnant was 11 years old. Her family was very religious and didn't believe in abortion. Her parents made her go full term and place the baby for adoption. There were quite a few teenagers who placed their babies for adoption.

One would think seeing all of these women pregnant around them would keep my sisters from getting pregnant before college/marriage. Yes it's possible to have a baby and go to college (I've seen just as many Lifetime movies where women make it that don't), but it's a huge obstacle. My youngest sister is very intelligent but I have doubts on her educational future as she know has to take care of a baby...with a high school education....nothing more.

On a different note. My best friend just sent me a text message that she has been laid off. She used to work for the Carreker corporation for at least 5 years until they were bought by Checkfree and she was laid off. She has been with a new company for 2 years or so. She is a Corporate Event planner. If anyone needs one...lemme know.

I'm still very worried about keeping my job. American Eagle is one of a very small group of airlines that has not furloughed/laid off workers this year. The extreme majority of my pilot friends are furloughed from airlines. They all hired on around the same time I did. Kelli says her job is secure....but is any job really secure? I guess a mortician.

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