Tuesday, November 4, 2008

As good as it gets?? Well it got better.

When we bought our beautiful Sony 57 inch HDTV 4 1/2 years ago we were on cloud 9. The TV had an amazing picture, capable of 72oP and 1080i. The only bad thing was a somewhat limited viewing angle. Over the years the TV has been flawless. The high definition picture looked great and there were enough high definition ports for our Wii, XBOX 360, DVD player and Cablebox. How could we improve? Well we did.

This new TV literally makes the Sony look like a 20 year old basic color TV. The color quality on the new Samsung LCD is eye popping. The reds are deep, the blacks are inky deep, the white is crisp and clean and the green is money. I spent time yesterday walking back and forth between the Sony and the Samsung showing the same HD tv show. The Sony didn't look like HD anymore....even though it was.

Everything isn't cherry though. The Sony switched between inputs faster. Going from the Xbox to the Cable box took 1 second at the most. The new Samsung takes 3 to 5 seconds once the Cable box is selected in order to begin showing a picture. Also with the Sony I disabled the internal speaker and used m surround sound for....sound. Even then I was still able to have the TV control the volume. The Samsung can't do that. Once the internal speaker is disabled sending any volume commands to the TV does nothing. Not a big deal, I just set up the Cable box remote to send a signal to the home theater receiver for volume.

Beyond those two little things...everything else is better. I can now select 1080P on the Xbox...wow.  Just looking at the dashboard on the Xbox 360 is amazing. I'm now itching for blueray. Samsung has a line of devices designed to talk to one another. You simply plug an Anynet Samsung blueray player into the TV and the TV will configure the blueray player and allows the original TV remote to control the blueray player automatically. The user does nothing. The same goes for the following Anynet Samsung Devices ; Home theatre system, Camcorder, Digital Camera or DVD/VCR player. Pretty cool.

The TV mount should arrive on Friday and I will mount the TV to the wall Sunday. Once done we will decide on where to put the components. Right now they are on a very nice glass/metal vertical rack. We might buy a simple shelf and mount it to the wall. For now...Robin Meade in all her beautiful glory. If you don't know who Robin Meade is....it's prolly because you are a woman.

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