Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why did you vote?

Watching CNN Headline News. They showed several people who appear to be black. When asked why they voted for Obama more than one said because "he is black and he represents me." They didn't state and issue. They stated the color of his skin. November 5, 2008 is the day I will bring up when I say "I told you so." The day will come. No...the days will come. Would you get on an airplane to fly across the country if you were told the pilot has only flown around the city and never ventured far out? No. Obama has very little experience. Yes he had done many things, but at what LEVEL. Hell I have been flying for 2 years. I have 1200 hours of time spent in the cockpit...but I know I am no where NEAR qualified to be a Captain of a plane. Yet the country has been fooled into believing Obama is qualified to lead the country?

If the country really wanted "change" from Bush and the Republican party they would have elected Kerry in the last election. Times were crap then. The years after 9/11 were horrible....yet the country re-elected Bush. If Obama was white (which he is just as much as he is black) there would not have been as many people voting period. Additionally if Obama had kept to his WORD and taken public financing I think the results would have not turned out the same.

Obama before the election said he was going to CHANGE so much. Today during his post election speech he stated well the CHANGE might not happen in one year....two years...maybe not even in four years. Nice. I have no faith in Barack Hussein Obama. I am more worried about the future of this country now than I was on 9/12/01. I honestly hope I will never use these words....but I fear I will have to. Let it be known...I TOLD YOU SO!

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