Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Why offer it if its not out yet!

So I have boxes galore on the way to our house for my new ride. I did a TON of research....as I always do. The centerpiece is the Pioneer Avid D3 navigation system. To install this I need a install kit. The kit has plastic and metal pieces to install the unit so it looks "factory" and professional. There is one kit sold in Japan for $200. Ouch. Luckily there is a kit from Metra (a major supplier of such kits) for $25. YEAH! I found only ONE site that offers it. The product page says nothing about it not being in stock. The page looks like any other product page. I placed my order last Friday. I heard nothing by today so I shot them an email. They don't have it yet because Metra hasn't released it yet! HOLY CRAP BALLS! So this means I can do nothing with the new navigation system. I have 30 days to return the Navigation system and get a refund. This sucks. Really sucks. Why offer something for sale if you don't have it ? If you KNOW you don't have it why not simply state "not yet in stock, no ETA". Then I would not have ordered it or the Nav system yet. Bleh!

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