Thursday, April 3, 2008

Loving sliding doors

I am really digging having sliding doors. I am amazed I have gone on driving for 15 years never having a car with sliding doors. They are sooooo convenient. I like being able to slide the door open, throw in whatever and slide it closed. When I get home I do the reverse. While driving I don't care to have a lot of stuff on the seat next to me. Being able to place it behind me rocks. Before I would have to step back, open the door, close the door and then step forward. Being able to simply stand in one spot is awesome.

The Mazda 5 also handles very well. It corners flat and is reassuring around the curves. This is my first true black car. I had a black 1996 Saturn SC2 "classic" for 3 weeks...but I returned it under the Saturn 30 day money back guarantee. Keeping this car clean will be a challenge. I have a California car duster that will help. I love the interior. Very well built and dark. I got my all weather mats in today. I love them. They were recommended to me by our friend Jason years ago. They are easier to clean and make the car look nicer.

Sooooo I may be in luck for the car radio installation kit. Another site ( claims to have them in stock. Still hasn't shipped yet. Stay tuned.

Wi-Fi hot spots. So most hot spots are simple. You connect, open up a browser, and agree to the terms of service. The Wi-Fi at Harris Methodist Hospital is not so easy. They give you a print out on how to connect. At the bottom it states "if you can't connect please contact your laptop manufacturer"...nice. Well I would connect, but would never get the terms of service page. I would open a browser and could go nowhere. I remembered seeing http://helpdesk on the back of a computer during check in. I tried that site...ta da the terms of service agreement showed up. I agreed and was on-line. I bet 90% of users give up. It shouldn't be this difficult.

For those that don't read well...I won't be a father anytime soon. We lost another one...which is why I was in Harris Methodist Hospital.

And the beat marches on.

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