Sunday, April 27, 2008

Good weekend in NY

We had a good time in NY. We went to the Bronx zoo Friday. This was my first time in the was just as I pictured in my head. Not a happy place. I would not feel safe outside the zoo at night time. Very scary. The zoo was fun. Saturday Kevin (my brother in law), Jenny (his wife), Kelli and I went to Connecticut for gambling. Kelli and I each brought $100. Kelli was broke within 40 minutes. I was down only $20 after the same time. I met up with Kelli and was on the way to get something to drink when I decided to stop at a machine. Good thing I did. I was playing for about 3 minutes noticing it kept hitting with small 5 and 10 coin pays (I was on a quarter machine). I told Kelli it was about to hit big. Sure enough I hit a jackpot! 6000 coins! $1500! They offered to and I accepted for them to take out taxes right away netting me $1175. I gave$100 to Kelli, which she promptly lost and kept quite a bit. Enough to buy a new laptop. Why not save it? Well I learned to gamble from my mom. She always had fun with her winnings. I look at gambling winnings as bonus money. I need a laptop. What am I getting? Well.......


That's right a Macbook! Why? Well I want something that boots up fast, reliable, easy to use and portable. I REALLY wanted a Macbook Air, but it is totally non-upgradeable. Macbook regular will do. I have enough from my lottery winnings and the selling of my current laptop to my sister in law to pay for it in full. I am selling my current laptop for a whole $250. I could get more if I parted it out, but she really needs a laptop so I will let her take it. I will be either dual booting Windows Vista or getting the software to allow both to run at the same time.

We had a really lucky time traveling this weekend. Our flight out Thursday night went fine...we were in coach...but at least we got the flight we wanted. The flight back today...actually all the flights had plenty of seats. We even scored first class. The lunch was either a turkey sandwich or cold salmon over pasta. By the time they got to us all they had was the salmon. I love salmon...Kelli passed.

Our next flight is to Sacramento in May. Funny thing is Kelli used her American Airlines frequent flier miles for a ticket. I will use my benefits. I hope to score first class on the same flight while Kelli sits in cattle class. Ha!

Speaking of next month I was able to work my schedule for 15 days off. Four of them might end up unpaid, but as long as I can work at my second job I will make much more than I will loose.

My niece is interesting. Going through her terrible twos. She had a thing for getting quiet, putting her hand to her ear and saying "listen train". There are train tracks near by. She said it constantly..very cute. She was a reality check for Kelli and I on kids.

Good weekend indeed.

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