Friday, April 18, 2008

Ford Focus....not so bad

So I am in Jacksonville, Florida...again. Last time I was here I scored a Prius for $23 a day. I was hoping to do the same this time. Nah...Ford Focus. Enterprise rent a car is interesting. They rent so many different models that today's Economy car can be tomorrows Mid-Size. I quickly learned to rent the cheapest car and "barter" my way up. It's fun. The Ford Focus is an honestly good car. This is actually the nicest Ford I have ever driven. The interior quality is amazing....good enough for an import. The features and appearance are also quite good. The only negative I found was the key's almost exactly the same key fob I had on my 1995 Ford Explorer....old and way outdated. The hotel I am in is a dive, but for $27 a night thru Priceline I can't ask for much. The last hotel was the same chain, but down the road. That one was nicer. Bleh.

I am here thru Sunday for my final checkout to teach the ATP Regional Jet Course. The flights luck pretty full Sunday evening, might have to stay another night or look for an alternate way home, maybe Continental thru Houston.

I bought a sunshade from Pepboys today....the little guide said to get a Jumbo. It's waaay to big. I think I will order  a model specific one from Mazda. I haven't had one since my first car, with a black car I will take all the cooling power I can get.

The flight here was full. I sat next to a large woman and behind a larger woman. The woman ahead leaned her seat back, which is her right. She then pushed back with all her weight moving the seat back even further. Nice. Coach sucks. I wanted first class, but it was full. I have been spoiled by my ooodles of legroom in the cockpit. At least I scored a seat though. I have only been bumped once so far.

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