Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A day of wires

I attempted to install an auto-dimming rearview mirror in my new car that also has homelink buttons (able to use the homelink buttons to open the garage). The installation is rated at 1 1/2 hours for a Mazda I gave myself 3 hours. The mirror came with instructions. They are pretty good. Some steps are oversimplified when they shouldn't be. I took my time and got thru 1/2 of it in about an hour...then I got stumped. I couldn't get the trim off the "A" pillar (the piece between the base of the windshield and the roof. Pull, twist, cuss, pull..nada. I soldiered on. I had the old mirror off and new one on. I then worked the cable into the headlines and behind the trim on the "A" pillar, not the right way...but it was hidden. I then went to find power. The instructions stated to use the included tools to tap two wires. I found one...but the other is quite large and doesn't fit in the included tool. The wires are amoung more than 40 in bundle. They are each color coded. The instructions called for a blue wire with a red stripe and a green wire with a black stripe. Well I found the blue/red fine. The green/black is huge! With just the blue/red connected the homelink buttons light up when I press them but don't seem to work. The compass and autodimming mirror are not working. I searched online and through forums and came up dry. I posted in two forums hoping someone else has run into this same issue.

Tonight I wired up the radio. I am planning everything out inside before I take it to the car, which should be Friday. I soldered the Pioneer harness cables to the Mazda compatible harness cables. I then wired up the device that will allow my steering wheels radio controls to keep working. As is all I have to do Friday is tap the speedometer cable and reverse cable and then it's all plug and play. Tomorrow I don't go into work until 8PM so I will start placing other components (XM radio and Bluetooth modules) into place. I am pretty sure they will both go under the front seats. I will likely use heavy duty velcro to secure them.

My dash kit is supposed to arrive Friday. I get back Friday morning at 9:30AM....would be nice if it came then. Normally though the UPS man comes around 6PM. Boo.

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