Sunday, April 6, 2008

Day of travel.

This morning started at 5AM in Houston. We woke up and drove to George Bush Intercontinental Airport. We were on standby...but looking good. We both got on. I got first, but gave it to Kelli and grabbed her seat in coach. All was good....for a few minutes. I then get called up to the front. I was being pulled off due to seniority as another Eagle pilot was going up in the jumpseat...but it was he got my seat. No biggie, Kelli has keys to my car so she can go home and wait for me.  I went back to the terminal and was on the top of the list for the next flight. Meanwhile I went over to Continental to see if I could get on an earlier flight. Not likely as it was full and being a smaller jet....likely weight restricted. Pilots can travel free on any airline...good perk. Back to AA. I check in for my later flight to Jacksonville, Florida. It was oversold and had a lot of stand day indeed. The next flight to Dallas from Houston is looking even more full...but no other pilots are on it. Sure enough I get the jump seat. The pros to the jumpseat are it's free (I pay a small fee for coach) and has the best view. That's it. The jumpseats in most planes are thinly padded pieces of metal. This was no exception. We landed early and Kelli picked me up. We get home and I quickly repack my suitcase and change into my uniform. If I travel in uniform I can bypass security in Dallas. Saves time. We leave for the airport but before the terminal we make a stop back by the employee lot. My headphones fell out of my car when we left Dallas Saturday morning. Lucky for me they were still in the lot where I parked my car. She drops me off at the terminal with 30 minutes before the flight leaves. I bypass security and check the gate. I am #4 on standby and they haven't started boarding. I dash down to Mc Donalds. They are normally quick. Not today. Ten minutes later I am back at the gate. Just my name is on standby. I was feeling stressed. The gate agent ask if I am Byrd. Yup. Type, type, type, I have a seat! Straight to the back of the plane. We get here on time. I rented a car from Enterprise. Being the savy shopper I booked the cheapest car at $15 a day. I get to the lot and they tell me it's a Chevy Aveo. No biggie...only here two days. As we walk out they tell me they have no Aveos and that I have a Chevy Cobalt. Fine. Walking to the car I spot a Prius. "How much is that ?" I ask. "$5 more per day." the agent replied. SOLD! I will easily recoup the $5 a day in gas.

Being back in Jacksonville is odd. Haven't been here in 8 months. It was almost a year ago that I left Euless to come out here. I did get to shop at my favorite store....Publix. Love this place. Good times. Speaking of time. I need sleep. It's 7PM here.....long day. publix.jpg

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