Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Biggest Loser

Our weight loss this year is stagnant. We haven't gained or lost anything. This can be seen as a good thing as at least we know how to maintain. We are going to start our own biggest loser. Same rules apply. Percentage of weight lost every week. I gotta get with Kelli to see if she will allow me to post her starting weight. Will prolly use Byrdintheoven.com to track results.

We saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall last night. Good movie. The actress who played Sarah Marshall, Kristen Bell, did a very good job. She reminded me ok an ex and I truly began to hate her character during the movie. Bravo.

I am moving up the seniority list on the CRJ at American Eagle. I get to hold a line next month. This means I will know every flight I will fly for the entire month. No more wondering when I have off or if I can make a movie with Kelli. The bad thing is I won't know until like Sunday. The line I get is a composite line. The line is made up of all the flights other pilots above me drop for vacation or that they just don't want to do them. This still beat reserve.

I am very happy with my car. Once I get the back up camera I will be truly satisfied.

Gotta find something to do today. Think I will cut the grass and finally tie wrap the network cables that were installed back in February. Slacker I know.

Kelli made a comment that I don't update this site as often as I used to. This is true. I do however have 4X the blogs that I had this time last year.

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