Monday, April 14, 2008

Navigation installed

Navigation system is installed for the most part. Well all part really. Everything works, I just gotta fix some aesthetics. Total installation time was just over 9 hours. Being my first car stereo installation I learned a lot. The installation kit came with a bright silver mounting kit. I don't like it. The original radio is dark grey. The 2006-2007 Mazda 5 has a bright silver radio. I am ordering a second kit and will take my time and try to match the paint color. The bluetooth works ok. I think my smart phone is too smart for the bluetooth...I will have to tinker a bit. The XM radio works wonderfully. Having a color screen means each channel has its own picture associated with it. I was also able to connect my Microsoft Zune to my new radio. I am able to display everything on the zune on the Navigation screen. I can in theory watch movies, TV shows, podcast or just listen to music. I say theory because it is illegal to do so while the vehicle is in motion.

The actual navigation is very good. There are multiple ways to view the route including a birds eye view.

Now with my first paycheck over $1000 from my second job I will be adding a backup camera. Why $1000? Well Kelli and I have a "get out of debt" plan. I will be attacking my student loan like crazy. With the second income and help from the best mother in law in the world, we hope to have it paid off in 3 years. Should be easily doable.  I plan on working at ATP at least 5 days a month and hopefully will do 8 days. The pay is $300 a day so more is better

Click on the photos below for more detail. The photo on the left shows the XM screen, then the Navigation screen and finally the Zune screen.


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