Friday, April 25, 2008

New York

In New York for the weekend. We flew out Thursday night. The flights looked really good (i.e. seats for us) in the morning. In the afternoon they suddenly filled up. When we checked in at 4:50PM the flight we were listed on was oversold by 2 seats. Not looking good. By the time we left for the airport there were suddenly 10 seats open. Where did the passengers go? Well I assume some got earlier flights to another NY airport, others failed to check in due to a change of plans while I am sure other were businessmen who hoped to go home Thursday night but had to postpone until Friday. We wanted First Class and there were 4 seats open at check in time. We ended up way back in coach...booo.

My brother in law lives in Tappan, NY just over the New Jersey border. We went to the Bronx zoo today with his wife and her daughter (my niece). We had a good time. The Bronx is "interesting". I wouldn't feel safe there at night.

While writing this my niece Giana kept peering over he laptop.

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