Thursday, April 10, 2008

Navigation Installation Day 2

I spent last night soldering wires. This morning, after the power came back on (damn Spring thunderstorms!) I went to work. Crutchfield sent instructions on how to take the dash apart. Well they used a 2006 model. I have a 2008 with a few new features in the cabin. After cutting my hand for the 2nd time I called them up. He didn't have a whole lot to say other than "pull". Nice. I opened up a Mazda 5 technical document for a 2006 model. I was able to start tearing apart more and more trim pieces. Finally, 3 hours later, I had the radio out. I then began installing the cabling for the new radio. I was going to put XM and Bluetooth boxes under the seats. I then realized how big my glove box was and how much room there was in the dash above the glovebox. I decided to use some heavy duty velcro and put the boxes in the dash. I put the XM antenna at the back of the vehicle and routed the cable up the channel normally used for roof rails. I installed the GPS antenna in the dash to the left of the XM an bluetooth boxes. I was hoping to use the existing microphone (and still might if I can find it) but installed the supplied microphone on top of he rearview mirror then ran the cable along the headliner, behind the A pillar and down to the box.I had to redo a little wiring to get power to the XM and bluetooth boxes. I then tested the cabling. The radio turns on, XM works and bluetooth works. The GPS works as well. What doesn't work? The steering wheel radio controls. I am going to leave that battle until tomorrow. Tomorrow the actual installation kit arrives. Since I have done 90% of the work today, tomorrow will be a piece of cake.


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