Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Green Wire....with a black stripe...and oh yeah silver dots!

So my auto-dimming rear view mirror with homelink and a compass is now 100% working. It only took me a little more than a week. Why? Well the instructions stated to tap a blue wire with a red stripe and a green wire with a black stripe. I found the blue/red wire easily. The green and black wire that I found was HUGE. I tapped it....but of course it didn't work. The homelink buttons lit up...but didn't talk to the garage door. Well with the help of my Mazda5 forum (www.mazdav.com) I found the CORRECT green wire with a black stripe. Seems as though it's the green wire with a black stripe AND silver dots. There was no mention of silver dots!!!! Yadda yadda yadaa the auto-dimming and compass turned on. Now for the homelink I googled instructions for homelink and lift maser (maker of the garage door opener). After reading them I remembered that with my Acura and the Prius I had to teach the car first and then the garage door. After I taught my Mazda using the original garage door opener, it was able to talk to the garage door. Nice.

My pilot leather jacket came in today. I ordered in back in December. It came the first time late February. I ordered the SAME size as my dress jacket. The leather jacket was too small. Odd. I returned it and yadda yadda yadda, finally back....in Spring. Bleh.

Kelli is going to New York to testify tomorrow. Just for the day. The Defense Attorney arranged her travel. She is going up there on American Airlines, but was scheduled to come back on U.S Airways with a stop in Charlotte, North Carolina. Well she wants to avoid a stop so she is going to us my flight benefits to hop on an American Flight instead. My job my not pay much, but the benefits are very nice.

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