Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hmmm yeah

So I moved my work schedule around in order to get as many days off as possible to work at my second job since it pays more than my first job. I ended up with 15 days off in May. I was hoping to work at my second job on 10 of those days. Well I gave my availability to my 2nd job and they only assigned me 4 days. Hopefully this is just the start of the month as I am only assigned through the 15th of the month. If I can get 6 days a month that would be really good with 7 being ideal.

Looking forward to my Macbook. According to MacMall it shipped this morning. Funny thing though...the UPS tracking numbers aren't showing up. If it did ship today then it will be here Friday in time for my trip to Jacksonville Sunday. If it doesn't actually ship today it won't here till Monday which means I won't actually have it till Wednesday. Booo.

Craigs list rocks. I have a buyer for my floor mats and trunk mat from my Acura. I will get $80 cash. I paid $120 for the set 3 years ago. Not bad at all...and no eBay fees!  Gotta list more.

I will have quite a bit of work ahead of me next week in getting my current laptop ready for Jami, my sister in law. I am going to wipe it clean, reinstall Windows XP, get all the updates, install Norton Anti-Virus, install Office XP and then back it all up to a DVD for restore for the day WHEN not IF things go bad. Kelli's side of the family has the worst luck with computers.

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