Tuesday, November 30, 2010

American Express.....Membership Has It's Privileges

I love my American Express card. Mostly because it's a Starwood Preferred Card that allowed us to have 5 nights free in Tokyo + free hotels in several other cities last year. I use it for everything and pay it off ever month.

A few months ago my Apple Time Capsule died. Right after the warranty expired. I was sad...and mad...it was a $300 purchase! I have since learned Apple Time Capsules are known to fail. A few were recalled....not mine.

Then a few days ago the subwoofer in my car stopped working. I was bummed. Then I thought...."Didn't I buy both with an American Express Card in January 2009??!??!"

Sure enough I did! American Express automatically adds one year warranty to ANY purchase with the card. I filed two claims Sunday night. This morning I was credited for BOTH purchases! It would have been better to get replacement items, especially since I bought both at a steep discount. Getting a credit is fine. I won't be replacing the Time Capsule. I'm not sure on the subwoofer though.

Found a Zune 120 on Craigslist for $100. I am happy again. Kelli is returning the Zune HD. Would have been nice. But I like the space of the Zune 120.

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