Friday, November 5, 2010

Adjusting to her

Before I started my 2 month vacation from work, I assumed I would sit on the couch and watch my video podcast all morning. Take a trip out for lunch/walk and relax. Nah.

Natali dictates what I do. Not that I'm complaining. As previously mentioned we watch Headline News or the local news in the morning. We watch till about 7:30AM and then take a 30 minute to an hour nap. She's normally ready to eat after that. So between 8:30AM and 10AM I feed her, change her and then we play around. She then sleeps from 10AM till around noonish....maybe. At that point I either head out for a short trip or eat lunch and then wait to feed her and head out for a long trip.

She controls me. I'm okay with that.

I am pretty sure our UPS man thinks we are crazy. He has stopped by EVERY day this week with stuff from Amazon. I wanted night lights to light the hallway so I don't forget there are baby gates on each side of the kitchen. Set of four was $6 on Amazon...shipped. Kelli bought the new trash can. I bought a new baby crib mobile. Kelli bought a dog barking device. All from Amazon. It's about time to renew my prime membership. Another $75....but so worth it.

Kelli's little Macbook is 2 years old. Still running just fine. The same could not be said for a 2 year old PC laptop.....without reinstalling Windows at least once. I don't see her replacing it anytime soon. Battery still holds over 95% of original charge. Very nice. I do see my mother in law replacing her IMac with a Macbook some time in the future....maybe even a Macbook Air. She has no need for a huge IMac and being tied to a desk. With a Macbook Air she could literally slip the computer into her purse and head out of the house on a trip, or use the same computer on the couch.

Being reasonable about my lease termination. I got an email that I only have 4 payments left. Even though I lust after a new car, I don't see it happening. Keeping my eye on lease buyout rates. Right now around 5.25%. I'm going to ask my friend in the business if it's possible to get a lease buyout loan from say Bank of America and then refinance it with another company...say E-loan which has refi rates at 3.64%. Hmm. I would like to pay it off in 2 years. Might take 2 1/2 years though. Payoff is $12,700....Hmmm. This way Kelli can get the next new car. Only fair. We are both eyeing a new bigger Prius minivan like vehicle which will debut at the Detroit Autoshow.

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