Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh my....

I've always liked coffee....that's a lie. I love coffee.

I don't care for fruu fruu coffee. No Ice Mochacrapochinos. I like black coffee. No I love black coffee.

For a while I've been using a french press. It was eco-friendly but time consuming. It made decent coffee.

I used a cheap coffee bean grinder. Eh.

Keurig makes neat machines. My sister in law Kelly has one. It's neat, but I couldn't accept having to buy coffee K-cups for each cup. The average price is $0.66 per cup.

So I did research. I found I could use a reuseable K-cup. I researched the reuseable kcups and settled on the ekobrew reuseable cup. I then bought a Keurig B70 Platinum model from Kohls for way less than on Amazon.

It arrived. I was happy....until I tried to use my grinder and the ekobrew. Bad coffee.

More research. I found I needed burr grinder as the cheap steel knife models don't produce a fine even grind. Done.

Burr coffee grinder plus my Keurig has made me very happy. Smooth, conisistent black coffee. I am so happy I could...well be happy. It's awesome. And cheap.

I buy coffee on Amazon for an average of $3.50 a pound. Not sure how many cups I'll get just yet....but I'm betting at least 20 cups which will be about $0.16 a cup.

Monday, September 19, 2011

How to blow $2000 in 1 hour

So I was hanging out with Natali Sunday when I noticed the temperature on the freezer blinking. I knew it wasn't normal.

I checked inside and everything was frozen. A quick Google search showed it blinks when it's unable to maintain the set temperature. Crap.

I tried unplugging and replugging in the power cable. From that point on the compressor never started. Crap.

Another Google search showed troubleshooting. From what I found it was a bad compressor. Repair cost ranged from $400-$700 IF you could find a repairman.

Several postings stated they couldn't find a repair company (even through Samsung!) to fix a Samsung fridge. Crap.

I looked through websites for local repair companies. None listed Samsung. Crap.

Solution. New fridge. I wanted a french door model.

We hit Lowes first since we buy everything there (lawn equipment, washer, dryer, dishwasher, back door....etc). They only had 6 months no interest, but did have 10% off plus 5% off with a Lowes card. We found a GE unit we liked (we were anti-Samsung). Lowes could install a new fridge next day for free. And haul away the old for free.

We then hit Home Depot. They had 12 months no interest and a little better pricing, but a MUCH smaller showroom. We found one we liked and said we might be back.

We then hit Conns. Conns and I go way back. I went to Conns with my first house in my past life. When I left college my mom let me live in one of her houses.

I bought a fridge, washer, dryer, dishwasher and TV from Conns. They currently had 3 years no interest, good pricing...but couldn't deliver until Wednesday. No good because we both work Wednesday.

On the way back to Lowes I stopped by a Sears appliance center. Good pricing...but no delivery until Tuesday. While at Sears the salesman showed me a feature only on Samsung fridges.

The freezer portion of Samsung french door model opens with just a finger. The handle breaks the vacuum pressure versus having to yank on the door. Sold. But not from Sears.

We went back to Lowes. The Samsung model we liked wasn't in stock. We decided to go with a larger model....29 cubic feet.

Last night we had a bad storm blow through. Blew a fence panel down. When it rains it pours.

Kelli found a repairman on craigslist that has a small business. Forty bucks later fixed this morning.

The fridge was delivered and installed this afternoon. Quick and easy.

In good news our refinance is taking longer than expected. Rates went down since we started.

We were locked in at 3.5%. Rates are now at 3.25%. A quick call to Wells Fargo got us 3.25%. Nice.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Good nights sleep

Not sure how long we've had our sleep number bed....but I like it.

I used to wake up in the middle of the night with aches and pains. No longer. Kelli has no more back pain.

Kelli is stuck on an 85 for her sleep number. I vary.

Since my job has me sleeping in 3-5 different beds a week I must stay flexible. Some nights I am a 60....others I'm a rock hard 100. Good nights sleep either way.

There is a new lens for Xbox 360 that reduces the amount of space needed. It's from Nyko. $30. Hmmm.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It just keeps falling

We got a letter in the mail from Wells Fargo yesterday. Our interest rate on our FHA ARM adjusted again as it does every year. Our new rate is going to be....2.375%. Not a typo...2.375% . It adjusted down a full percentage point.

Kelli was a little upset as we are in the process of refinancing to a 15 year fixed at 3.5%. Hmmm.

We got our house appraised last week.

When we bought our house in 2004 we paid $144,000. The current appraisal is $170,000. The median sales prices in the area are $174K. Since our house is the second smallest in the neighhorhood, that's pretty good.

Kelli is on the HCG diet...down over 10 pounds in 12 days. It's interesting. I'm just eating better. I removed refined sugar from my intake a week or so ago. Just eating low fat, low carb and minimally processed food. Our dining out bill has gone down over 99% with Kelli on the HCG and me at home making my own food.

Natali is walking. Kinda. She can take 4-5 steps in a row. Still prefers to crawl.

Looking forward to our next big vacation. Hitting Hawaii for a week in January. My mother in law is renting a huge house for a week. She did the same thing back in 2006. This house looks much nicer though.

Kelli and Natali are buying real tickets. Well Kelli is buying a ticket for Natali as Natali keeps clicking on "First Class" when she makes a cabin selection. I am going to jump seat/non-rev. I might have to go a day early...or later. Hopefully the same flight.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Five got me Six!

I'm pretty religous about monitoring my tire pressure....normally.

It's been damn hot this summer. About 2 months ago my MPG average dropped from 49MPG to 40MPG at best. I assumed it was the hot weather and increased A/C usage. About 2 months ago I got an oil change.

The dealership adjusted the tire pressure to the manufacturer setting of 35PSI. This is for "optimum ride comfort and gas mileage".

I'm an avid reader of car forums. There is a huge community at . I've been involved in forums for EVERY car I've owned.

I found a 40 PSI give me much better gas mileage with only a slight hit in comfort. After increasing the PSI to 40 in each tire last week from 35 PSI my avg MPG increased from 40.4 to 46.5. Not too shabby. I should have done this months ago.

I think I found a solution to using cheaper, yet better quality, security cameras with my IP based software. sells a box that allows 4 "normal" security cameras to be converted to IP cameras. The box is $80. Most IP cameras are $90+ for a good unit. The normal cameras go for as low as $40 to $70 for a very nice camera. Gonna go this route soon.

My allergies are going nuts with the Texas wild fires and ragweed. Ugh. When I traveled a lot it wasn't an issue. Now that I'm home studying for a bit it's bad. Boo allergies.