Friday, December 14, 2012


With our current house we bought it as is as far as wiring goes. It is a little ironic that our current house is more of a "starter" house, yet came with cable and telephone outlets in every bedroom, telephone outlet in the kitchen and another cable outlet in the living room.

I (along with help from Eric) wired Ethernet throughout the rest of the house. Over 15 cable runs for Internet and security cameras.

Our new house, definitely not a starter house, only comes with 3 cable outlets and 3 tv outlets free. That's it.

I met with a representative from the wiring company our builder uses, Stereo East, this week. I figured we'd spend about $2000 on extra wiring. Yep...pieces of copper wire.

For our next (and likely final unless we move out of state) house we are getting cable and Ethernet (wired "Internet" cable) for every bedroom (3), living room, study, game room and media room. Additionally I am getting three security camera runs for the front porch, side patio and garage. The garage is at the back of the house vs our current setup where it is at the front.

I am also getting conduit installed in a few spots for running cable later.

While wireless internet works great for more things, nothing beats wired.

This morning we are going to visit the "Design Center" to get ideas for the rest of the house. Today is a just a "look and see" visit. Our official meeting is early next year.


Friday, November 30, 2012

The next house

Here's what our next house will look like elevation wise.

As far as floor ya go. We are going with the "Super Shower" option in the master bath which is listed as Optional Master Shower. Standard is a tub and a regular shower. Since we've used our bath tub maybe 9 times in 9 years we are going to go without. There are still two more bath tubs in the house. We are also going with the optional Media Room. The Media Room will be next to the Game room. Total square footage will be about 2700 square feet, or 740 more than we have now. The study will be a study, no need for a dining room.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Home.....times two

First I have moved this blog to a new host. In the move all the post from 2012 were lost. Not really lost...but not imported correctly. Working on it.

Second....we are buying a new house.

The decision wasn't easy.

A few months ago we discussed buying a house and decided we couldn't afford it.

Then my in laws came to visit.

We all toured a few models.

Suddenly we were back in buying a house mode again.

When I say mode I mean discussions.....when I say discussions I mean convening an official conference.

Kelli and I approach anything financial with extreme caution. After more than a week of almost round the clock discussion....we decided to move. Right down the street.

The house we are in now is a great house. Almost 2000 square feet, 4 bedrooms, all closets are walk in roomy, 2 bathrooms, a good amount of upgrades...and energy efficient.

We have one kid....and don't plan on having more.

Still....somehow....we are buying a new house. Don't take my tone as not wanting a house. The house we are buying is great. It's just hard to wrap my head around all the details.

I still picture myself as a 20 something kid....not a 35 year old adult.

Our current house was built by Lennar. We bought it BEFORE we were married.....or even engaged.We were driving around one day and said "lets buy a house". So we did. Cost was $146,000.

We currently owe a little more than $120K. Current value is around $175K. So we have some equity.

Our new house will be built by Darling Homes. It is a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house with a study, media room, game room and covered porch....and 2700 square feet.

I'm a bit embarrassed by the I won't mention it.

I will blog about the progress of the house and post photos. Should be done in May.