Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Earning my keep

The odd would have never matched Kelli and I together....she picked me.

Not much in common. She is organized and works at a set pace. I am....more free spirited in where my stuff is and go at a random pace.

Over the last week Kelli "communicated" to me that she is not happy with the state of my stuff.

It's been mentioned before, but I grew up with live in maid service. Not my mom, but a slew of people who lived in my house and cleaned it while my parents worked and the kids were at school. That's my excuse for how "free spirited" I am.

Monday I cleaned up crap table in the living room. Kelli was shocked.

Tuesday. I have a lot of clothes. I get it from my dad. He has a lot of clothes. I could have worn a different shirt everyday and not repeated for over 3 months. Don't judge. Truth be told I wore maybe 15-20 different shirts. Yesterday I finally gave in and donated over 1/2 of my clothes to Goodwill. Kelli was shocked.

Today. There is a desk in our bedroom that was meant to be a place for Kelli to work on paperwork and stuff. It's become a place for my....stuff. Today I cleaned it off as well, leaving just what must stay (networked laser printer, local switch, Ooma phone box....the minimum). Kelli should be shocked.

It's the least I can do....Kelli has paid the mortgage for the last....hmmm....3 1/2 years. Gotta keep my sugar momma happy.

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