Monday, November 29, 2010

Zune Graveyard

I bought my first Zune several years ago. A nice 80 gig model. Loved much so I got Kelli a 8 GB Zune (to eventually save money by canceling XM). She loved it. About a year ago I broke the data connector on the 80 gig Zune. I was bummed. I bought a 32 GB Zune HD. Loved it. Bought Kelli a 32 GB Zune HD for Christmas. She loved it as well as she played games, watched movies and listened to music. Then about 5 months ago I dropped my Zune HD while walking into the house. Dead. I then found a  120 GB Zune on Craigslist. The 120 GB Zune is rare....the one I found was even more rare as it was red. I loved it. Then last week Kelli washed my jeans....with my Zune in it. I tried emergency rice surgery (placing electronics that are soaked in a bag of rice *might* save them). I took it apart and let the rice soak up the water. After two days it powered on...but displayed an error message. Dead.

Zune 120GB go for $350+ on Amazon as they are rare. I paid just $100 for mine from someone who didn't know better. Kelli ordered me a 32 GB Zune HD....I dunno. It will be nice to have a HD again...but eh. I will think about it long and hard before opening it up.

Besides that, my subwoofer in my car died last week. Still haven't fully investigated why. I did do some research and found that since I bought it with an American Express card, I get a free extra year of warranty! I also realized that my Apple Time Capsule that died was purchased at the same time, also under the extra year of warranty. I filed a claim, will see what happens.

Not sure about the backyard camera. I might have to go with traditional cameras. If I do I will have to wait until our tax return comes back. The camera I have back there now has a very narrow viewing angle. Traditional cameras have a better picture and wider angle.

Kelli is pushing "firmly" for me to keep the Mazda5.

Bought a new remote control for the living room. It's so easy to use my mother in law can use it. It truly combines all the remotes into one. One button labeled "watch TV", turns the TV on, the cable box on and the surround sound on. Simple icons for our favorite TV channels. Same thing happens for watching a DVD/Blueray. One button turns on the DVD player, switches to the correct input. Close to nirvana.

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