Monday, November 1, 2010

Slowing down

October was a busy month.

I was based in New York City but went on vacations to Los Angeles, California, Las Vegas Nevada, and San Antonio Texas. Kelli and Natali also came up to New York. Crazy. Tiring.

This morning Kelli went back to work. I stayed in bed. Peace at last, peace at last, oh how I love this peace at last.

For the next two months it's the Darren and Natali show. I have plans. In order to have motivation I am going to list them:

1- Purchase two new outdoor security cameras. One for the front door outside and one for the backyard

2 - Clean and USE the man cave

3 - Install a dimmer in the living room

4 - Teach Natali to walk.....or crawl

5 - Exercise

All should be doable. I am betting the dimmer will get installed first.

Kelli is using her Ipad more and more. It's part of her life. She even mentioned that getting an Iphone would make sense since she is used to the interface. Hmmm.

My mother in law Peggy is getting more hip! First she bought an Imac (almost 2 years ago....hasn't had a single problem beyond dead batteries in the keyboard!). Last week she bought a Kindle.

Peggy reads a lot and travels a lot. With her living in Oregon and grandkids in Texas, California and New York....she flies several times a year. I wouldn't be surprised if she travels more than 15,000 miles this year. Prolly more than that.

I bought a Wifi only Kindle. For her I recommended the 3G. This way she can buy a book anywhere without having to worry about finding internet. It's only $50 monthly brainer.

Along with reading there are a few games on the Kindle. Peggy and Kelli love word games. They both play Text Twist often. There is a Text Twist like game on the Kindle. Perfect.

Natali is doing well. She is babbling quite a bit. Not bad for 2 1/2 months. She also appears to enjoy watching TV. She will crane her neck to be able to see TV. Interesting.

It's nice to slow down.

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