Friday, November 19, 2010

Bad neighborhood

Apparently my websites live in a bad neighborhood. Tuesday afternoon began a 2 day headache. I was cutoff from all of my blogs. Just my blogs. That's it. If I connected via my T-Mobile phone/hotspot....all my blogs worked. AT&T was cutting me off from my sites.

I checked routers, firewalls, HOSTS files...all were fine. I tried using network tools (Trace Route, Ping and such) to find the problem.  I could tell the issue was outside my network. I just had to convince AT&T of such.

Multiple phone calls, literally hours on hold. Nothing. Till Thursday morning. AT&T finally told me my sites were blacklisted. is a blacklisting company. AHBL and GoDaddy have been feuding for years. Apparently there are a few sites that the AHBL doesn't care for that share space with my blogs. Rather than blacklist individual sites, AHBL blacklist the entire IP address/server. Ugh.

GoDaddy could do nothing for me. AHBL could do noting for me. AT&T could do nothing for me. Somehow all of my request did something...maybe.

To try and fix my own issue I moved from Linux to Windows hosting. That broke EVERYTHING.  I then moved back to Linux....and somehow everything is running.

I am still planning on moving.

Done with rant.

The porch camera is awesome. It is setup to view about 2 1/2 feet from the front door so it gets anyone walking up and a face shot. I might get a smaller camera pointed to see the front door and any packages. Next up is back yard camera. Don't ask why.

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