Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kelli and her toys

Growing up my parents kitchen had a nice long center island. On each side of the island was a small trash can. Nothing special. Open air trash can. And all was well.

When Kelli and I moved in together 8 years ago I brought my simple Wal-Mart trash can. It had a lid that flopped in the air. All was well.

Some time ago our trash can was replaced with a fancy foot operated device (Kelli or my mother in law brought it in the house). Nice, but with because it had to be opened via foot pedal one had to walk into the kitchen to use it. With the dog gate in the way, it was annoying. Kelli didn't seem to mind until Natali came along. Suddenly this contraption was a major problem for Kelli.

Now Kelli bought a new fancy infra-red trashcan. Wave your hand or anything infront of it, and it opens automatically.

One would assume I had all the fancy tech stuff.....not so.

Installed a dimmer for the living room. I read the instructions 10 times. Confused. Watched a bunch of youtube videos. Still confused. Decided to wing it. I knew which was the "hot" wire, but there seemed to be an extra wire not present on the instructions or any video. It works. I'm happy because the lights aren't so bright in my eyes, Kelli is happy because there is light.

Been playing my slot machine a bunch lately. I've been "spending" $40 a day. Goes quick....biggest win has been 75 credits. Boo.

Still penciling in a trip to the Los Angeles Autoshow.

Got my final paycheck of the year today. A little scared. I am sure we can make it work. Just might have to tighten out belts. Kelli and I wear big people pants so it should be fine. Still scarry though.

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