Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Leaving Tmobile for Verizon

I signed up with T-Mobile back in 2002. They were cheap. I bought a Blackberry 7105...my first "smart phone". From there I went to a T-Mobile Dash (Windows Mobile) to a T-Mobile G1 (Android) to a Nexus One (Android).

All the while getting good enough service. Lately service has gotten worse...or at least Kelli and I are annoyed the service more.

The final straw came during the cruise.

I called T-Mobile before we left and verified the phones would work on the ship and each country. Once onboard I ran into a problem...couldn't connect to the cell tower on the ship. The AT&T prepaid phone worked fine. Problem was we gave the pet sitter our cell phone numbers. Annoyed.

Problems continued in each country. Prepaid AT&T phone, which I brought as a backup, worked...our phones...dead. I would get ,"your sim card does not allow you to connect". So much for a world phone!

Ironically my brother in law has a Droid Incredible from Verizon..worked everywhere.

While in Honduras I used my Ipad to chat with T-Mobile support. After 20 minutes...got no where.

Enough was enough.

Kelli has always had issues getting data at her workplace. She works in a one story building.

We are moving to Verizon....tomorrow.

They finally have Android phones with LTE which means we can use voice and data at the same time. Something I do frequently.

What phones? HTC Thunderbolts. We tested them a few weeks ago. Through my employer we can get the phones for $199...or $50 off. Pretty hefty discount on the plans which will end up costing close to what we pay now. We were a go to switch when our current billing is up with T-Mobile.

Then Amazon went and dropped the price to $129.99 per phone. Sold! We will get two phones for $258 all in or just a bit more than the cost of one from the local Verizon store.

Total monthly cost of T-Mobile after discount and including taxes is $123. Verizon will be $111 before taxes....so close. Of course we will give up text messaging in favor of Google Voice.

In order to make it easy for Kelli to actually use Google Voice she will port her old phone number TO Google Voice. She never used her old Google Voice number because...she didn't want to have to give it out to everyone. I will be porting my main number to my new phone and keep using my Google Voice number. I only get a handful of text at my real number, will simply correct everyone when they text me.  Kelli will be getting a new main number that she will never need to learn or give out.