Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mac attack

Every 2 years or so I upgrade my dad's computer. Normally it's my previous computer. Thing is...I haven't built a computer in....2 years.

So I got to thinking. Each time I go visit my dad, his computer is slower and slower....all kinds of crap is installed. Mac time.

At first I was going to buy him a used Imac/Mac mini....around $400. Then I realized those Macs are G4/G5 units....which can't run most modern Mac software. So I started looking at a new Mac Mini/Imac.

An Imac starts at $612 via Amazon. Add in an Apple Keyboard and Mouse....$720. Buying a monitor....almost $900. Hmmmm. An IMac is $1100 ish...and includes the keyboard, mouse and monitor. A lot of money. Would be nice to buy my dad something nice....that will last a long time.

Throwing it on the barbie. Might just get the Mac Mini.....hmmmm.....

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