Monday, December 6, 2010

It's not easy being Kelli

I sometimes wonder what people think we then see Kelli and I interact. Not that knowing would change anything. I am curious.

Even after almost NINE YEARS.....Kelli and I are still getting to know each other. We each keep wondering when the other will "break" of certain habits. For example, when presented with a tense situation or the need to make sure information is conveyed quickly I will talk in a calm but stern voice. This stems from being a pilot. When crap hits the fan information needs to be exchanged in a clear and concise manner as efficently as possible. Kelli hates this. She thinks I am talking down to her. It upsets's who I am. I remind her I am not talking down to her, but when Natali is screaming in Kelli's lap, I want to make things as clear as possible.

On the flip side. Kelli has a habit on answering "yes" to an either/or question. When Kelli is watching Natali and Natali is upset, I will ask, "Do you want me to make Natali a bottle OR do you want to try something else?" Kelli will answer, "yes". Another situation is, "Do you want McDonalds or a Plasma TV?" The answer again is "yes". She will follow up with, "wait what?". Ugh. Always done it....always will.

There are lots of differences between us. But it works. Speaking of work....relationships take work. Kelli and I have had out pitfalls over the years. Each time we get to ground zero we realize we needed more communication. Of course sometimes there is too much communication. Turns out Kelli could have lived her entire life not knowing that I don't mind sucking the boogers out of Natali's nose. I find it less irritating than using my fingers or paper towel. The look on Natali's face is worth it as well.

I am Mr. Wishwashy when it comes to what to do with my car. A few months ago I said I would keep it. Now I look at the numbers and think "After all said and done I will have paid $30K for this thing. Eh. Kia Optima or Prius are what I am looking at. Both around $25K. I can't fathom spending much more on a car.....until I am 40.

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