Monday, December 13, 2010

Nice weekend away in Sacramento

Nice weekend in Sacramento....aside from the initial TSA issue.

Natali did great on both flights. She was a little fussy on the second flight, but settled in fine. Traveling with her new car seat is more difficult. I bought a collapsible hand truck and bungee cord. Worked fine until I got to the plane. The seat is so big I have to carry it above the seats. Eh. We sat in the back on one flight (annoyingly long walk!) and the front on the other flight. Better.

Natali has flown on 12 flights and just under 15,000 miles. On our flight back the lady behind us had a 2 year old that was screaming and laughing loudly the entire flight. The worst part was when the lady did nothing to stop the kid from forcefully opening and closing the try on the back of Kelli's chair over and over again. Kelli and I think Natali will be much more behaved as she will likely have flown on 40+ flights and 50,000 miles by the time she is 2 years old.

My brother in law and his wife bought a 2011 Honda Pilot Touring...4WD. Nice SUV. They did get a little screwed though. They Touring has Nav. The Nav in their's wasn't working because the DVD inserted is older than a previous disc. Once I saw the error message I knew what happened. Their Pilot was newer than an older Pilot that was sold at some point. The buyers of the older pilot wanted a newer DVD so the dealer took the NEWER DVD out of my brother in laws Pilot and put it in the other pilot and took the older DVD and put it in his. I wouldn't have bought the car with a non functioning nav unit, but they are young. It's a nice SUV, Eric and Angela bought one a few months ago. Had very few miles on it but they saved a ton of cash.

While in Sacramento our friends Jodi and Chelsea stopped over. Their daughter is two weeks younger than Natali. I will discuss more about the two on ByrdintheOven at some point today. Right now I am discussing their new ride, a 2011 Toyota Highlander Limited.

The Highlander competes against the pilot. The Pilot is more "in yo face tough can go into the woods" while the Highlander is more "upscale SUV that can do very light duty". While headed to breakfast Kelli said something that tipped me off that she liked the Highlander.

I quickly pulled up the page and let Kelli know the Highlander Limited (which Jodi and Chelsea bought) has more equipment than the Pilot but cost about $6K less. She didn't comment. We talked about it on the flight back. The vibe I get from Kelli is, if I get a new car it should have  a hatchback and not a trunk. Hmmmm.

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