Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's been decided

After a lot of thought....I am buying a 2010 Prius IV....for Kelli. I will take her car. It will mean less wear and tear on her car since my commute is much shorter and I drive much less overall. We will pay the car off in four years.

That's the plan anyway. We are going to Toyota of Dallas tomorrow. They are currently selling all Prius models for $3000 off MSRP or $2000 off MSRP + 0% ARP. We are doing the latter as it saves more money in the long run.

I called the dealership today and talked to a salesman who said it's $2000 off the price on the website which is the same price that's on the car. We found a Blizzard Pearl (white pearl), with a light grey interior for $26,000 after the $2000 off.

Tonight we went to Carmax to get my car appraised. It's currently worth $600 less than I owe on it. Hopefully Toyota of Dallas will appraise it for even money. If not we will decide what to do.

If I continue the lease I till March 31st then I have to buy the car, continue to lease or return the car and pay $375 in disposal fees. So since I'm not going to keep it, $375 is "ok" in our heads to be "upside" down on since I would pay it anyway.

The plan is that 4 years from now I get whatever the hell I want.

That's the plan anyway. There's a 1% chance that we will have a kid in the next 4 years and 50 weeks. So there's that. We will still be paying for daycare in 4 years...hmmm. Bleh.

I just couldn't justify buying ME a new car while Kelli rolls around in a 6 year...almost 7 year old car. At my current rate of driving I will put 24K miles on her car in the next 4 years.

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