Thursday, December 23, 2010

2011 Ford's got tech

Drove the 2011 Ford Edge last night. It was nice. The Ford My Touch was better than I expected. Lots of techy much I can see it turning off a segment of buyers.

I liked it for the most part. Lots of room. Comfy seats. Kelli was indifferent. I kept prodding her for an opinion...she just said if that's what I want. Meh....Will continue discussions. I am still considering the Optima. It's thousands less with almost as much tech....but in a sedan versus SUV.

The Edge I am looking it is at the extreme end of my limit. One thing that's comforting is it's much less than my brother and sister in law just spent on their I have that going for me.

With the end of the year here there is nothing on TV! All of my tech podcast have taken the rest of the year off. Time to load up the Netflix instant cue!

Our living room has turned into a baby toy minefield. Natali has her toys strewn all about the living room. She's taking after me apparently.

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