Monday, December 27, 2010

Sit back down!

I've bought a few cars in my lifetime. For no reason whatsoever I will list them:

1988 Lincoln Continental (my mom and I bought it at night, in my night clothes when I was 16....huge mistake, horrible car)

1994 Saturn SL2

1996 Saturn SC2

1996 Ford Explorer

1997 Saturn SC2

1998 Cadillac Catera

2003 Toyota Matrix XRS

2005 Acura TSX

2008 Mazda5 Grand Touring

Not at lot....but 9 cars in just 18 years of driving....I know a thing or two.

My last two cars I bought using online negotiation. Easy and fast. For my next car I have been using email as well.

Natali was bored yesterday and wanted to go look at cars. I saw an advertisement for Westway Ford that stated $6000 of MSRP of all Ford Edges. I knew there was a catch, but we were bored.

I told Kelli there was zero chance of me buying a car that day.

We pulled into the lot and walked over to the Edges. I saw the add ons. The add on sticker listed paint sealant, window tinting  and my favorite....a bed liner! None of which was installed (and a bed liner that CAN'T be installed!).

I wanted to see what a realistic price was. We approached the front door, cheesy salesman came out. Told him I wanted a simple price. Already have my financing.

We walked out and I questioned him on the car and add-on sticker. He stated, "The windows are tinted!" I replied..."that's the factory tint". He then peered in the back window, "there might be a bedliner in there." I gave him the WTF look.

He then gave some BS lines about how all dealers add-on stuff. I told him that another dealer I visited had zero add-ons. I then asked for a price.

While walking back inside Kelli and I both had a bad vibe. I already decided once this started to suck we were gone. I know the tricks. No way they are getting my car keys to "appraise" it as that will trap us there.

The salesman told us he had a horrible Christmas because he was going through a divorce and just moved from East Texas where he sold Kias. Why he told us this we do not know.

He tried to do silly salesman tricks about stating he could beat our loan rate ( he can't) or the Carmax trade in value (I truly made up a number!). I just wanted a price.

He walked away for 5 minutes. He came back, "Ok $6,000 off MSRP, let me have your keys so we can appraise your car."

I simply asked, "Ok, so what is the price."

"$6,000 off MSRP," he responded.

"What is the price then." I asked again.

"Whatever the MSRP is it's $6,0000 off of that." he stated.

This went round and around and I stated, "My keys aren't leaving my pocket until I know the price of the car you are trying to sell me."

He began to get huffy and said, "I'm working for you. I only get $200 no matter the cost of the car."

I was done. I stood up and told Kelli we are leaving. This is when the craziness started.

"Sit back down!" the salesman yelled. And I mean yelled.

Kelli got up with Natali in her arms.

"Sit back down!" he shouted at least two more times. Everyone in the small showroom was now watching this happen.

We left. I noticed a well dressed man following us. It was the new car manager.

He apologized for what happened. Short discussion. I stated I had never had that happen before. Done.

Don't think I will be back there.

Still pondering on what to do. Kelli wants me to hurry up as every day delays her next car purchase. I asked her is she could buy ANY car other than a Prius what would it be.....she had no answer. I am 100% willing to get a car we can both enjoy, but all she wants is a Prius. Bleh.

Later we discussed how funny it would have been if Kelli had interjected and said, "Yeah Darren sit back down and buy this damn car!" Maybe next time.

Too bad Don Davis Ford doesn't have what I want, we always had a great experience there.

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