Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Time off

My second (and last) week of vacation from work starts October 20th. I was able to move my work days around to have 15 days off while only using 7 days of vacation. This is the combitination of 7 days of vacation this month plus 6 additional days off per my schedule this month plus the first 4 days of November off if I get the same crappy schedule I have had the last 5 months. Not too shabby.

I have started using the treadmill again. It just sits there a few feet behind where I just sit. I figure I can walk on the treadmill just as easy as I sit. I might order a stand to hold a laptop on top of the treadmill. I would be far more likely to use the treadmill if I can keep my mind occupied on line as well as on TV.

I made beer bread last night for the first time. I bought the mix from the Coors factory last month. Instead of Coors beer I used Bud Light. I was a little worried about ripping a whole in the universe by using Coors mix with Bud Light beer. All turned out fine...we all woke up this morning right? Well most of us....hmm maybe it wasn't so fine.

Still working on building up muy Slot Machine credits. I have put over $2000 into it over the last week. I haven't won more than $300 in a single jackpot.

I'm watching more and more TV downloaded from the Internet. This is all high quality, professinal content. Almost all of it is tech related. There was once a cable TV channel filled with high quality tech tv. ZDTV was full of awesome TV shows like The Screen Savers and Call For Help. I was actually ON The Screen Savers back in 1998.

They had a call in segment for those who had netcams. Not many people had them, but I did. It was dial-up and I was required to have two phone lines (one for the computer, one for voice) and I did. After appearing online I got a magnet....still have it...unopened.

Several years ago the name changed to G4TV...I's horrible programming. Funny thing is I follow most of the talent from the original ZDTV shows on their current online shows. The talent are all knowledgable and entertaining.

I am debating reducing our cable package. We almost never watch movies on cable anymore. Just our weekly TV shows. For movies...we have streaming Netflix.

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